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A Busy And Full Day

December 19th, 2012 by Mommy

Christmas break is in full force for Emily and her Mama is trying to enjoy her as much as possible before school resumes. To enjoy a beautiful sunny December day we planned a day to visit the zoo, see Santa, run errands, make a holiday craft, buy Mama a sweater, drive through a light show, eat dinner out, and visit with kid friends for most of it. At the end of the evening two tired girls were carried in from the car and put directly in bed. Tomorrow has been declared a PJ day with lots of Christmas story reading.

The ZOO!

EandA zoojuwithdog ZooEandE zooEandAandN ZooEandAandE ZooJudriving

So much fun just hanging out playing with our friends. The weather was beautiful and sunny. We might have encouraged a kid to skip a little school today to join us. Julia’s top animal choice for the day was the beaver (who was awake and playing today) and Emily’s top animal choice for the day were the bats.


We have called the combo of Julia and Maeve by the title of “the littles” for 4 years now, but it seems like maybe this pair will take the title over.



Emily loves to talk to Santa and will do so every time she gets a chance. Julia passed up the opportunity to speak with this Santa. She told Mama that “maybe next year I would like to”.

Holiday Craft!


Making a fun Santa ornament. Thank goodness Ms. Ashley was around to help Mama. There was some tight threading and small knots to tie that she seems to be better at. 😉


Julia loved it, obviously. She is just too cute when excited. Check out little Thea in the background.


The girls loved driving the racecar around the track and trying to stop and start it exactly on the start/finish line. Kids are fun.


ebear eelkjbear mbearemoose Jbear2

The zoo carousel was closed today (much disappointment) and then we found this one later in the day to ride. I think the wild bear, moose, and elk make for a fun ride.

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How To Decorate A Gingerbread Train and Station with our Girls

December 17th, 2012 by Mommy

The How-To Instructions of decorating a Gingerbread Train and Train Station with our Girls:

Step 1 – Buy a kit – This Mama thought this was an awesome shortcut.

Step 2 – Lay the pieces out with cute kids


Step 3 – Assemble Structures (maybe next time give the structure without the base to the older kid)


Step 4 – Decorate with icing and candy (best for Mama to apply icing and kids to do candy) – Don’t worry if you don’t use all of the included pieces and decorations, we didn’t.


Emily took all the steps seriously. She wanted the station to resemble the photo on the box and worked to do that


Julia was very emotional about her process. Lots of joy added to the decorating.

Step 5 – Admire your creation with happy grins.


Emily was pleased with how hers turned out. Symmetry was important to her design. When asked which part was her favorite was she said sticking all the candy on.


Julia had a decorating philosophy of just getting stuff stuck on wherever her heart desired. Her favorite piece to decorate were the big wheels and she talked for quite a while about the colors she chose to use.

Step 6 – Repeat next year!

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Christmas Nativity

December 16th, 2012 by Mommy


The telling of the birth of Jesus by kids 15 and under is always fun. At some point you learn the art of stage presence, but most haven’t yet. Some of my favorite moments from this year’s Nativity presentation were: Julia’s decision to not stand, baby lamb Thea’s wanderings (so appropriate that she was a sheep, she even said "ba"), one very active camel, and the existence of Magi princesses (I know, who knew – pretty brilliant).

The simple truth is that Jesus loves the children. He loves their simple offerings of joy. We love to watch them offer it!


This is from their practice night. Something about this sweet girl reminds Mama of the Littlest Angel. Nothing could be more sweet than a small angel patiently waiting.


When did this one grow up?




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Leaf Day

December 4th, 2012 by Mommy


The Bradford Pear leaves have fallen and the day for leaf pickup is quickly approaching so it is time for Leaf Day! Emily was disappointed that she had to go to school and miss out on jumping time. Julia was disappointed that she was under the weather and her friends couldn’t come and help. But despite the runny nose Julia was a big help to Mama while the leaves were raked.


Daddy ran by the house while Julia was playing in the pile and got some lunchtime hugs!


Running and jumping into the pile is fun! She was very intent to try to build the pile back up before jumping back in. Julia declared that it was Jump Day!


When Emily got off the bus after school she ran into the yard, dropped her backpack on the way, and jumped into the pile. There was plenty of jumping time left before the sun went down.


We had lots of grins all day long!


Julia’s other favorite game of the day was to walk up the mountain. She would walk into the pile while pretending that she was hiking up and over the mountain. Mama called her Bilbo Baggins because it seemed somewhat appropriate that a little person was taking such a big adventure over the mountain. That and we are reading the book together and she would know the reference.

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Aren’t they Cute

December 4th, 2012 by Mommy


Aren’t they so cute? Don’t they seem like they just love playing together? You would never guess they don’t always show love each other would you?

Well, they are sisters aren’t they – Recently while coloring and making fun paper things they showed that they are sisters too. This was pieced together from reluctant confessions so it might not be as accurate as we would hope. While Mama was out of the room, Julia decided to do something to Emily. She walked over and cut some of Emily’s hair. This made Emily mad and Emily returned the thought and cut a selection of Julia’s hair. Julia’s hair damage is really not noticeable and without the confession it would have taken Mama awhile to find it. Emily’s cut section is a lot more noticeable to Mama. Noticeable enough that it is the reason Mama discovered the act.

Mama’s concerns – Julia thought it was funny and now that she has had a taste of hair cutting she is likely to try it again. It is also interesting that the girls didn’t tattle on each other and all the hair remains were cleaned up before Mama returned.

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