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Back to School Photos

August 27th, 2016 by Mommy

It was time to get some updated photos of the girls before summer ended and we got busy with school and all the other activities that went with it. The girls are growing up quickly!!


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First Day of School – 2016

August 1st, 2016 by Mommy


Happy First Day of School – Edwards Edition


The backpack is not so overpowering anymore for Emily. In a few days it will be heavy and full of all sorts of schoolwork.


This year is Emily’s fourth grade year. She is in the top grade of her school.


Emily’s teacher from first grade moved to fourth grade after Emily had her and to our joy they are reunited again this year. To prepare the students for middle school the grade will be swapping teachers for subjects and Ms. Harris will be Emily’s homeroom and English teacher. She will be great!


Julia’s backpack is still a bit big for her, but it will not be long for her to make it look smaller. She seems to be growing up a lot these days.


Second grade is big stuff around here. Julia is very excited about her new year and is excited for the new things she will learn this year. She has a new “purse” that she will likely be wearing daily.


Julia has Ms Racey for a teacher. She is the same teacher that Emily had for second grade and Mama worked a lot in the classroom. We are all excited to have her another year. She is known for her floating Lego people in the hand sanitizer. It is a fun classroom.

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Biltmore Summer

August 1st, 2016 by Mommy


We wanted to take the girls to see the Biltmore house. What girl wouldn’t want to see a real castle. In addition we recently read a fictional story that takes place at the house at the turn of the century. We wanted to see the house details that were in the story. Our tour time was for the afternoon and we arrived with time to see a storm brewing close by. To our great luck the rain did not start until we entered the home and it ended before we exited the home.


Nothing shows the grandness of the house more than the scale of each room and space.


The spaces inside and out were decorated with beautiful plants and flowers.


Watch out where you go, you might find a lion that will sneeze on you. There is a family photo of the Vanderbilts around this lion with Mr. V sitting on top of the statue. It was great to see that they lived and loved their house as a home and did not treat it only as a museum. The pair of lions were referenced in the story we read so we needed our own family photo by one.


The house was amazing! Not that we didn’t expect to be impressed, but the grandness was evident in every room. One special gift for us was that someone played the pipe organ while we visited the first floor. The music moved into the rooms we were in just like we were in the same room as the organ. Our favorites were (Robby) the library, (Emily) the library and Mrs. Vanderbilt’s Room, (Julia) the whole house, and (Rachelle) the billiard room.


The house was to be lived in and enjoyed. It had its own bowling alley. Maybe one day there will be a tour that allows people to play a bit.


The stairway was inside and built into the outside. Two of each window sets were “doors” that could open and allow access to the balcony outside and allow fresh air into the house when needed. What cool detail.


Part of the “working” farm included sunflowers planted along a crop line.

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Our Currents

July 28th, 2016 by Mommy

Em4gradecropsml Ju2gradesml

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Last Day of School – 2016

June 3rd, 2016 by Mommy


Another school year is in the books for us. The girls loved their classes and teachers even though they were uncertain about them at the beginning of the year. Julia’s favorite classroom subject is math while Emily’s favorite is reading. They both made friends in their classes and while they are looking forward to the summer will miss seeing their friends. We hope for many fun summer adventures!


Julia and her 1st grade teacher, Ms. McVay


Emily and her 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Passmore

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Spring Strawberries

April 28th, 2016 by Mommy


The strawberries came in early this year. We made our annual trip out with our friends to pick a few buckets full. With kids in school now, we went out in the late afternoon. While it could have been super hot, there was a nice breeze and the humidity was low, so the day was perfect. This year was the easiest hunt for our family. We had boots to take away the problems of the mud, the girls were able to pick a full bucket themselves, they were busy with friends while they worked, and we came home with plenty of red sweet snacks.


Our friends – only missing one trooper


This is how to pick strawberries – find a good spot, be willing to climb into the plants to find good ones, and hang with a friend.

pickem  pickjumom

pickkenzie  pickcarson

picknat  picksophia

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