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August 6th, 2015 by Mommy



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First Day!

August 3rd, 2015 by Mommy

The first day of school is here. The girls are pretty excited about the return to the school routine and going to school. They had their clothes picked out ahead of time and the morning planned. Julia’s biggest concern was if Mama would be on board for getting everything done before we needed to leave. Mama had input from both girls for what should be found in their lunches. Many requests for the rest of the week were given too.

Julia was a bit more nervous than her big sister. She was not interested in giving smiles for the photos and once we got to school she just scanned the kids faces, teacher faces, room layout, and just about everything else just trying to take it all in. Emily’s teacher was ready to go and was already giving classroom instruction to the class a few minutes before class even started. He must have a lot to cover on the first day. Third grade must be quite serious.


They were ready to get into the building! Excited for sure!!


The backpack doesn’t dwarf her so much these days. The backpack had to be worn on one shoulder only.



Julia’s desk and her first activity. She was a bit over photos and smiling. This is her “mama get this over with so I can do fun stuff” face.


Julia and her teacher.

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Time for a New School Year

August 2nd, 2015 by Mommy

Summer is drawing to a close and we are looking forward to a new school year. A warmup at the playground was in order. They are excited girls to meet classmates and start school, but today playing on the playground was just fine.


They are sweet sister that love playing with each other.





When you move to third grade you move to a new area on the playground. We went down and tried out the swings. They were pretty great and in the shade.


She told me that she wanted to make just one silly face. There were plenty of silly faces to choose from!


Someone had to show off a bit on the monkey bars. While she looks like she is standing on the ground, she did pause in her swinging to smile for the camera.



Just hanging around


My Brown Eyed Girl!



In first grade you are allowed to use the monkey bars. She wanted to try them out. Her sister had plenty of “helpful” suggestions.



She kind of looks like a genie. Her smile sure has magic.

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