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Leaf Day

December 4th, 2012 by Mommy


The Bradford Pear leaves have fallen and the day for leaf pickup is quickly approaching so it is time for Leaf Day! Emily was disappointed that she had to go to school and miss out on jumping time. Julia was disappointed that she was under the weather and her friends couldn’t come and help. But despite the runny nose Julia was a big help to Mama while the leaves were raked.


Daddy ran by the house while Julia was playing in the pile and got some lunchtime hugs!


Running and jumping into the pile is fun! She was very intent to try to build the pile back up before jumping back in. Julia declared that it was Jump Day!


When Emily got off the bus after school she ran into the yard, dropped her backpack on the way, and jumped into the pile. There was plenty of jumping time left before the sun went down.


We had lots of grins all day long!


Julia’s other favorite game of the day was to walk up the mountain. She would walk into the pile while pretending that she was hiking up and over the mountain. Mama called her Bilbo Baggins because it seemed somewhat appropriate that a little person was taking such a big adventure over the mountain. That and we are reading the book together and she would know the reference.

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