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Royal Wedding Party

April 29th, 2011 by Mommy


Today is the day Prince William married his princess. So, what does a family of girls do – we have a party with other little girls and watch the wedding. Our friends Elena, Maeve, Ashley, and neighbor Laurel came over to watch the wedding with us. The kids dressed up in their favorite princess dresses for the occasion. We had lovely scones and snacks while we watched the ceremony. I think to our good fortune, the girls were not too over-the-top into the wedding. If they had been we would be living this for weeks. We had some coloring pages and a variation on the bingo game with cards to match to the event.

It was a fun time for the big people to watch and the girls enjoyed each other. It will be a while until we have another royal wedding and glad we didn’t miss celebrating this event.

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Beautiful Girls

April 28th, 2011 by Mommy

Just some photos of our sweet girls







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It was a Happy Easter

April 27th, 2011 by Mommy

We had a wonderful Easter day. The girls looked beautiful in their dresses and loved twirling in them. Emily’s Sunday School class marched into the church service playing percussion instruments and she loved it. After church, we took some photos and then went to Grammy and Granddaddy’s house for lunch and an egg hunt.

The girls helped Grammy and Granddaddy hide the eggs for the big kid hunt. To qualify for the big kid hunt you can’t be a grandparent nor under 10.  The next hunt was for the girls. Emily asked Grammy to hide the eggs in the grass where it would be easier to find. They did well looking and finding the eggs. After finding a few, Julia was very happy pulling the eggs out of her basket and eating what she found inside.

Lots of fun photos! Enjoy!


The morning Easter Basket – The girls came running in to tell their parents about their basket. We got them to spend about 10 minutes running back and forth to look at the basket and then come back to report on what they found.


Every year the little ones just get bigger and bigger.


When we arrived at Grammy and Granddaddy’s house, the girls had woken up from a nap in the car and there were people there the girls didn’t know. Julia was her usual shy self around new people and I gave her a choice of places to go while we carried things in from the car. She happily chose Granddaddy’s lap for a place of safety.


I think this is a photo of our future. Emily found the funny pages from the paper and was fascinated by them. She also had been looking at Robby’s phone and was fond of holding on to it. I can remember spending a lot of Sunday’s at my Grandparent’s house reading the funny pages to fill the afternoon.


The girls at the beginning of their egg hunt.


Emily on the hunt!


Little Girl on the loose, watch out candy!


Mama with her girls

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Easter Egg Hunting

April 25th, 2011 by Daddy

Easter Egg Hunting from Robby Edwards on Vimeo.

Our girls show off their Easter dresses and Emily rescues an Easter egg.

Julia Finds an Easter Treat from Robby Edwards on Vimeo.

Julia opens an Easter egg and finds a special treat.

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Church Easter Egg Hunt

April 23rd, 2011 by Mommy

We had our second Annual Easter Egg Hunt today. The day was beautiful and it was so nice to be out in it. The girls loved their new BIG baskets. They are so big we should have used them as props and taken photos of babies in them. Julia was a little unsure of the new location and the large group of people, but as she hung with her Daddy she got into the fun of picking up eggs. Emily was very selective of the eggs she chose. We are not sure why though. Maybe it was the discussion about being the biggest kid in the little kid hunt. We didn’t want Emily to run over the babies in her quest for eggs. Not a problem, she didn’t even collect her quota of eggs. After the hunt both girls enjoyed hanging with their friends and eating their picnic lunch. Just a smattering of photos from the day and some of the little people who we spent it with.


Julia had to get used to the idea of the egg hunt before she could get down and hunt her own eggs. Daddy is a great place to get a towering view over the area and feel safe.


Rose was the mascot Easter Bunny for the day. So sweet!


Emily was checking out her basket and the small collection of eggs she had gathered.


Aiden checking out his spoils. He had just informed us that one of the eggs had sparkles.


Where to go next?


Elena loves McKenzie. She was making sure that McKenzie was getting all of her eggs opened and inspected.



What is in there?


Julia found another one to gather


Maeve in her adorable Bunny dress. She decided to share a smile with me after all.


Julia had to decide which one to open next.


Natalie and her Easter pail



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Spring at the UT Gardens

April 18th, 2011 by Mommy

We enjoyed a beautiful spring morning at the UT gardens with friends this morning. We were joined by the usual suspects of Ashley, Elena, Maeve, Heather, and Kenzie. Also joining us was Deborah, Sarah, and Andrew who were in town for a visit and brought Grandma Darrie. The big girls love Ms. Darrie from church. We could not have asked for a more delightful morning. The kids enjoyed being with each other and at times were willing to pose for photos too. I think my favorite game the girls played was pretending to be ants and crawling around a set of benches.



My best photo at our attempt to get one of all of the girls. They are busy and loved being with each other, just not all looking at the camera at the same moment.


Sweet Elena


Emily was so excited to give McKenzie a hug. It was really sweet. She kept hugging and kissing her.


Emily was pretty reluctant to give the camera a smile. She loved checking out the flowers, sticks, garden art, benches, paths, and just everything else in the garden.


Awesome Julia smile!


Kenzie in the Heart


One of my favorite photos from the day. Maeve was really playing in the dirt surrounded by all of the beautiful flowers. Happy as any bug found in the garden.


Sarah and Andrew taking their turn posing in the heart.

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