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Royal Wedding Party

April 29th, 2011 by Mommy


Today is the day Prince William married his princess. So, what does a family of girls do – we have a party with other little girls and watch the wedding. Our friends Elena, Maeve, Ashley, and neighbor Laurel came over to watch the wedding with us. The kids dressed up in their favorite princess dresses for the occasion. We had lovely scones and snacks while we watched the ceremony. I think to our good fortune, the girls were not too over-the-top into the wedding. If they had been we would be living this for weeks. We had some coloring pages and a variation on the bingo game with cards to match to the event.

It was a fun time for the big people to watch and the girls enjoyed each other. It will be a while until we have another royal wedding and glad we didn’t miss celebrating this event.

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