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Camp Faith Thanksgiving Party

November 20th, 2012 by Mommy


Julia celebrated Thanksgiving at her Camp Faith program. They sang a few songs and represented pilgrims and Indians. Julia and Maeve were pretty subdued during the singing and were not interested in making their boat piece rock. The little program was cute.

After the short performance the kids got to eat a special dinner with their parent. The table cloth was a fun coloring sheet that entertained while we got food arranged. Julia seemed to enjoy herself.

Julia and Maeve picked out their own clothes today and they both had blue and brown outfits. They must have talked on Sunday and coordinated. Ok, maybe that will be what happens in a few years. 


The kids in the boat.


The whole class with their teacher.


Julia doing a little coloring while she waited for dinner.

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Preschool Birthday Party

November 2nd, 2012 by Mommy


We got lucky and were responsible for snacks right before Julia’s birthday at her preschool program. Julia got to pick out her party cupcakes at Sam’s. Picking out your own cupcakes for school is a girl tradition at our house. She happily picked Dora.


This is her holding her breath so she would be ready to blow the candle out.


It is always good to celebrate with your friend.


A table full of little kids enjoying snack time.


Dora celebrating Julia’s 4th!

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Pumpkin Patch – 2012

October 30th, 2012 by Mommy


We enjoyed a pleasant fall day together with our friends at the pumpkin patch. The day was fantastic. The kids enjoyed playing and being together. For all the fun things to do at the pumpkin patch the kids seemed to enjoy a big green grassy field just as much as any of the the rest of it. This Mama loved being with both her girls and playing, it seemed just right. We enjoyed their slides, animals, climbing hill, corn maze, bouncing pillow, rolling pipe, lunch, riding a wagon, picking pumpkins, and a bit more sliding.


The girls posing for a photo in front of a real pumpkin that was over 1000 lbs. Wow!


The girls worked together to get the very large pipe to move along the track. Natalie was along for the ride and had a blast sliding along. The big girls enjoyed jumping together on the huge bouncing pillow.


The kids were playing in the field and they decided to dance a little. Julia was thrilled to get to dance with a boy. Aiden was a great sport about it.


I can’t imagine a better shirt for Natalie. She shared a lot of smiles with me. Aiden was so excited to get to drive the bike-car. He was awesome at it.


The Mama’s got into the sliding action! Julia would race around to get to slide over and over again.


The kids could have raced each other down the slide, but for the most part they went the second they got to the slide. This time they were close to the same start time. Everyone seems to have their own way to go down.


Thea was a good sport for the day. There isn’t so much for a crawler to do at the pumpkin patch. She soaked up the sun and gave away smiles. In the corn maze we had to find posts with animal prints to make rubbing of. Eventually and with the help of each other we found them all!


Seven kids standing on a pillow, one started to bounce and . . . grins spilled out!


The height photo is the best grins the girls gave me together in one photo. Julia wanted to find a pumpkin that she could pick up. She had to look a long time because they were all pretty big. All six of the bigger kids in the corn maze all spread out. They were really good to stick together this year.


Good friends hanging out by Emily’s pumpkin choice.


Maeve shared smiles too. Natalie found herself a chicken to watch. She was so intent while watching. I wonder what she was thinking?


The last laugh of the day. We tried one more photo of the kids together before leaving and got 4 kids to laugh at the same time. A great finish to a great day.

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Storytime With Caryn and Friends

October 25th, 2012 by Mommy


We went to listen to Ms. Caryn read another story. We were running late, enough late that we missed the story. Our lovely friend had a second reading for us! There were other kids in the store that enjoyed the book another time. Emily has been missing out on time with Elena so we invited them to meet us at storytime. After the story there was plenty of little girls wandering and reading books in the store.



Little Thea was so sweet to hang with Ms. Rachelle for quite a while!

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Zoo Playdate

October 15th, 2012 by Mommy

Our Friday morning playdate took us to the zoo. We were joined by our friends plus one who was out of school for the day. The weather was great and the whole trip was lots of fun. Here are some photo highlights.


"Hello little one, how about we play for the day?" She was a great sport, played in the sand, and took a nap during lunch time.


Introducing Mr. Bieber. He was awake and playing instead of his usual sleeping pose.


Mr. Giraffe was closer to the fence than usual. Actually, he was right up at the edge when we came over, but of course got shy for his photo op.


The three silly girls who just hatched from the super egg.


I like to think that Maeve is the queen of this nest.


The girls checking out the new lion exhibit fence-side.


Elena on her pretty pony.


Julia’s choice was the Red Panda. She appears excited with her choice.


Maeve’s choice was a Zebra, I wonder if her tights influenced her desire for a striped animal.


We spent a while in the sand. It seemed a fun activity and one that Thea could also enjoy.

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School with Our Friend

October 8th, 2012 by Mommy


Julia has loved going to school twice a week with her special friend. It is easier to leave Mama when your friend is there playing with play-doh already. Our warm sunny days have made playing at the playground a lot of fun too.

M’s fashion shot!

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