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Happy Halloween

October 31st, 2012 by Mommy


Happy Halloween from Izzy and Tink! It was a bit chilly and Tink was under the weather, but we made a go of the evening trick-or-treating. We visited our Grandparents and then a church trunk-or-treat at the end of the street. At the end of the evening we had lots of candy and had a fun time.

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Our 2nd Annual Halloween Party With Laurel and Shawn

October 31st, 2012 by Mommy


We joined Laurel and Shawn out at their farm for another Halloween party. We accept that they moved from our neighborhood, but only if they will continue to invite us out to celebrate Halloween each year. We have no complaints with our current neighbors, but we miss our former neighbors.

We were there early enough to get to take a ride around the yard with their horse, Letti, and pony, Chester. We like the fact that the horses keep their yard mowed for them. The girls did well with the horses. Emily was willing to try her hand at grooming, but not for long.

After the ride we carved pumpkins, had dinner, and ate lots of candy. We are looking forward to next year’s celebration.


Emily providing her grooming services.


Chester giving Emily a gentle ride.


Julia getting her ride from Chester. I love that Emily kept them company and held Laurel’s hand.


The girls with their pumpkins. They picked out a design and Laurel and Shawn each cut one out for them.

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Pumpkin Patch – 2012

October 30th, 2012 by Mommy


We enjoyed a pleasant fall day together with our friends at the pumpkin patch. The day was fantastic. The kids enjoyed playing and being together. For all the fun things to do at the pumpkin patch the kids seemed to enjoy a big green grassy field just as much as any of the the rest of it. This Mama loved being with both her girls and playing, it seemed just right. We enjoyed their slides, animals, climbing hill, corn maze, bouncing pillow, rolling pipe, lunch, riding a wagon, picking pumpkins, and a bit more sliding.


The girls posing for a photo in front of a real pumpkin that was over 1000 lbs. Wow!


The girls worked together to get the very large pipe to move along the track. Natalie was along for the ride and had a blast sliding along. The big girls enjoyed jumping together on the huge bouncing pillow.


The kids were playing in the field and they decided to dance a little. Julia was thrilled to get to dance with a boy. Aiden was a great sport about it.


I can’t imagine a better shirt for Natalie. She shared a lot of smiles with me. Aiden was so excited to get to drive the bike-car. He was awesome at it.


The Mama’s got into the sliding action! Julia would race around to get to slide over and over again.


The kids could have raced each other down the slide, but for the most part they went the second they got to the slide. This time they were close to the same start time. Everyone seems to have their own way to go down.


Thea was a good sport for the day. There isn’t so much for a crawler to do at the pumpkin patch. She soaked up the sun and gave away smiles. In the corn maze we had to find posts with animal prints to make rubbing of. Eventually and with the help of each other we found them all!


Seven kids standing on a pillow, one started to bounce and . . . grins spilled out!


The height photo is the best grins the girls gave me together in one photo. Julia wanted to find a pumpkin that she could pick up. She had to look a long time because they were all pretty big. All six of the bigger kids in the corn maze all spread out. They were really good to stick together this year.


Good friends hanging out by Emily’s pumpkin choice.


Maeve shared smiles too. Natalie found herself a chicken to watch. She was so intent while watching. I wonder what she was thinking?


The last laugh of the day. We tried one more photo of the kids together before leaving and got 4 kids to laugh at the same time. A great finish to a great day.

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More After School Playtimes

October 28th, 2012 by Mommy


There is nothing sweeter than kids getting along and playing together. Julia really misses Emily during the day, so there is no better time to start playing than right after Emily gets home. They were coloring some princesses and giving opinions of what would look best.

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October 27th, 2012 by Mommy


Julia is sure of what she likes. At the moment she LIKES these shoes. She has been pulling them out and wearing them with whatever outfit she is wearing. There are times Mama would pick different shoes because black shoes don’t really go with everything, but sometimes not all battles have to be won.

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We Found Nemo

October 26th, 2012 by Mommy


Mama loves this movie. So of course we had to go and see it as a family (missing the first several scary minutes). The girls enjoyed it, but had trouble sitting to watch it. Luckily there were just eight other people in the theater.

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