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The Pillow IPAD

May 2nd, 2013 by Mommy


In this case the photo doesn’t tell the story, but some times the story is necessary. Julia has a great imagination. She is always taking toys and repurposing them into new play situations. One activity she loves to do with Robby is to play with his iPad. They play Angry Birds together, but also a few educational games she plays on her own. Enough backstory . . .

Julia started carrying her favorite pillow around, which she normally calls "pilly", telling us that it was her pilly iPad. She said, "I’m going to play my new favorite game called Oswald." She sat down and started to touch the pillow like it was her own iPad and played a pretend game of Oswald talking to the pillow the whole time. A few days later she borrowed Robby’s iPad screen cover and placed it gently on top of her own pillow. She would remove the cover and play then returning the cover to the top when she was done.

Sometimes it is just fun to watch Julia play. And now we know we do not need to buy her an electronic device of her own. She will be quite happy with just her pilly iPad! 

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