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Riding The Bus

October 4th, 2012 by Mommy


Before school even started Emily was looking forward to the day she could ride the bus like all the big kids did. We promised that she could try after school had been going on for a little while and the bus drivers were used to the routes and drop-offs. This would limit the time it took to get home. She was patient and waited until September and then she was ready to give it a try.


The bus gets Emily home thirty minutes after school is over and it drops her off just in front of our house. All kindergarteners are only released from the bus if there is someone to get them. Emily has loved riding the bus home. She has had some adjustments though. One is that it is the first time she has ridden un-restrained in a vehicle. For someone so small it is hard to hold yourself on a seat as the bus takes turns. She had to go fetch her backpack a few times. She has made a friend on the bus – another kindergartener girl who occasionally rides the bus. When it is time to get off the bus, she jumps off the bottom step and then runs straight to the front porch and sometimes into the house without even a hello. She has such focus and intent. On occasion, Emily is getting to ride home to her Grandparents house instead of home. It is great that they live on the bus route. She enjoys the treat when it works out.

Emily is thrilled when she finds out she gets to ride the bus home from school!

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