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You Silly Kids

April 21st, 2012 by Mommy

(5 & 3) The silly things you kids do!

  • You both have been crawling on the floor pretending to be pets eating spilled cheerios. Generally Emily is the cat and Julia the dog. We hope you haven’t been spilling them on purpose.
  • When racing to the car, house, tree, or whatever – when you reach your destination both of you girls say "TOUCHDOWN" and sometimes Emily adds a "woo-hoo" to the end.
  • When Mama puts away a draw full of clean jammies or makes Julia’s bed, Julia comes and hugs her Mama and gives a very sincere "Thank you, Mommy". So sweet, she seems to appreciate the acts of service. We will have to wait and see if it continues.
  • The two of you have given nicknames to everyone in our house. Daddy is Big Pickle, Emily is Little Pickle, Mommy is Mommy Cookie, and Julia is Little Carrot. Emily named herself and Daddy. Julia named herself and Mama.
  • You two seem to have selective hearing. You heard that you could have Easter candy, but you didn’t seem to hear that you could only have one. Several candies later you both were bouncing off the walls.
  • If you ask Emily what she is "interested" in, she will answer "I am interested in volcanoes and tornados".
  • Julia is talking much more. It is likely you will hear her say phrases like: I just joking, come-on E, Das (That’s) my baby, Mama come-on, Do it myself, Put me down, I do, Let’s go (to the) park, Lemme go daddy, Yep, Shoo, Shush, I want go Daddy work, and Pleaze-pretty-pleaze.

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