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A Day With Becky

April 12th, 2012 by Mommy

We had a play day with Becky as she took her spring break visiting with Grammy and Granddaddy. She joined us for bible study and then we had lunch together. The girls then introduced her to the kids books at the used book store. While we shopped the kids books, she got to explore the rest of the store. Then they literally drug her around Sam’s. Emily thought it would be fun to race Mama to each location of the next item on the list. She and Julia took Becky by the hand and then pulled her to where they needed to go next. Before dinner we all played outside kicking balls around, coloring and going on adventures. Thanks for playing with us today Becky!



This is Becky and Emily going on an adventure to find the volcano. I’m not sure how the balls were involved in the expedition.

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