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Disney On Ice

December 3rd, 2011 by Mommy


Our friend Laurel bought our family tickets to see Disney On Ice. What a treat to see it together as a family. The girls dressed up for the show, Julia as Sleeping Beauty and Emily as Cinderella. Julia spent the whole show sitting on Mama’s lap. Each time a new character came out Julia would shake with joy. Emily had a million questions about the characters and stories she didn’t know. If she knew the story she would tell us about what we were seeing. They both loved the show. Thanks Daddy for getting some photos!


Emily shared the evening with Daddy.


Julia was just transfixed with the show.


She couldn’t hide her emotions about what was happening. When Julia saw a character she recognized she would announced their entry.


Mickey and Minnie showed up between all of the parts to the delight of the girls.


Our girls favorite part was every part that has a princess in it.

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