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Dollywood with Friends

September 2nd, 2011 by Mommy

The girls and Mama joined our friends for a trip to Dollywood. We did some of our usual rides, but we also rode the train together. Julia rode the train on my lap and put her hands over her ears every time they blew the whistle. We all took turns riding the flying elephant because all the girls wanted to ride, but they can’t ride by themselves yet.

Elena wanted to ride the Veggie Tale kids roller coaster. We asked Emily if she wanted to ride too and she said no. Julia piped up and wanted to go. It was her first roller coaster ride. Julia and Elena rode together. So cute!

We made a full day of the park while Ashley and the girls left just before naptime. Julia fit her nap in between activities. She woke up just as we were getting a snack. We enjoyed our day together.


The big girls enjoying their duck ride


Emily on her favorite ride. She plans on doing this ride in the car every time we get to Dollywood.


Emily driving the yellow beauty.


Julia driving the blue car with Mama.


Julia on her unusual horse. Do you see Maeve in the background on the bench? She wasn’t interested in riding a horse this particular day.


The little girls enjoying their duck ride. I love their faces.



Julia sacked out mid-Dollywood trip

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