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Lucky Parenting Break 1,247

December 1st, 2010 by Mommy

While I love mashed potatoes I think we will not be having them at our household for a while. Emily turned tonight’s dinner into artwork instead of being eaten. I didn’t pick a battle over it and just let her not eat. As Robby and I watched the mashed potato “castle” being built it seemed to become JR Tolkien’s dragon Smaug from The Hobbit. It was adorned with peas and dressing. The additions really looked like scales and a little aging. We convinced Emily to call it Castle Smaug and joked that it was the throne under the mountain.

When it appeared that she was done decorating I took this photo. I told her that it was safe to eat now that we had a photo. She asked to see the photo and I promised that after she ate Smaug I would let her. She promptly picked up her fork and took a bite. I walked away in wonder at my good luck. I wish I could claim credit for my plan, but I can’t. But maybe I will be able to use it again at some point.

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