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Funny Diaper Days

November 14th, 2010 by Mommy

Maybe one day these stories might be a little embarrassing, but they are so much fun now. Julia is quite capable of doing things for herself and some of those things have to do with diapers. First, she likes to go and fetch her own diapers from the diaper bin. The characters found on the brand of diaper we are getting are all Sesame Street characters. Julia has her favorite. She will take the diapers out of the bin and hunt for Ernie. Who knew that he would be her favorite character? If she can’t find one she will settle with a Cookie Monster or Big Bird. Her least favorite is Elmo, who is the most common character.

Julia is also able to take her diaper off by herself. She will “help” us in the morning by taking her jammies off and her diaper. She can reach the trash can from her crib and will deposit it for us. The other evening she decided she needed to “help” us after we put her to bed. The details aren’t necessary, but she required a jammie and bedding change because of her helpfulness. She is so sweet to help us!

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