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Julia is 20 Months Old

June 21st, 2010 by Mommy

Wow! Time is really going by quickly now. One thing that has taken its time is Julia’s teeth. For months she has only had six and then one molar started to come in. In the last three weeks we have seen three new ones start to show themselves. One additional molar and the other two are front teeth. Yeah! She had done a great job of eating just about anything despite the few teeth.

Julia is not using many words yet and when she uses them she is only giving partial sounds. One unfortunate side effect is that she has started crying and screeching in place of words. The crying and screeching is a pretty effective means of communication with Emily, but it is a little tiresome. I have started teaching her more sign language so that she has the means of expressing herself in a more positive way. I hope she sees it that way. I can see a decent amount of frustration when we are not understanding her when she is trying to communicate the desire for something.

Her awareness of bodily functions is becoming more acute. She will point at her diaper when we talk about it, but also when she desires it to be changed. She has been asking to sit on the potty like her sister. That sister influence thing can have some good influences. Occasionally, she will fetch a diaper when she wants it changed.

Bad habits are formed lots of way – poor reinforcements to behaviors, distracted mommy, lazy ways of getting things done, and things learned directly from a sister. Some days I’m feel like I’m fighting a losing battle as I correct Julia only to have Emily demonstrate the improper behavior immediately. It is exhibited in lots of places like throwing food, touching curtains, kicking, standing on furniture, and disobeying mommy. The dynamic of sister influences and relations will be a topic of growth for the rest of the girls lives.

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