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Julia and Swimming

June 16th, 2010 by Mommy


Julia loves being in the pool and water. She expresses such excitement when she knows she is going to play. Several times on the trip she would ask directly to go swimming in the pool by saying ‘wa’ and pointing at the pool. She would also find her swim diaper and take it to everyone trying to get someone to take her out. We worked hard to keep the swim diapers hidden because she was so insistent.

Julia enjoyed being held in the pool. She liked playing on the steps of the pool. She tolerated floating on her own in the baby float. She disliked holding on to the noodle and intertube. When she started to walk off the steps and enjoying the dunking she got, we put Emily’s floaties on her. With floaties she just bobbed around kicking enough to move a little. Julia is lacking fear of the water. It might still come, but she doesn’t have it yet. Julia puts her face into the water willingly and when her head goes under water she does a pretty good job of not swallowing water.

One of my favorite things she did around the pool was to wipe her face on the towel. She listened and watched our instruction to Emily about wiping your face to get sunscreen or water out of her eyes. On her own she started to wipe little spots on her face with the towel and then heading back to get more of the water. She just wants to be like her big sister. This is probably why she has been so quick to try so many things in the pool.

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