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Emily and Swimming

June 17th, 2010 by Mommy

Emily loves to be in the water. She swam with floaties, an intertube, a noodle, on her own, and with family members. When we arrived she was very tentative about jumping in the pool. Her jump resembled a step more than a jump, but after playing with Grandma she was doing so well at jumping in and away from the pool edge. Her building confidence was so amazing and I was so proud of her. She prefers to swim with her floaties to swimming on her own, but when she is ready to give them up she is going to do fine.

Emily enjoyed throwing diving toys for everyone else to fetch for her, she liked jumping from step to step, and enjoyed passing a ball to other people. Our swim times were fun active times. She was happy to swim with anyone, but her favorites were Grandma and Natalie. I credit Grandma with helping Emily learn technically how to jump safely into the pool and Natalie with teaching Emily how to jump with complete confidence. Emily had fun jumping to Grandma, but what happened in less than a hour of play with Natalie was amazing.

Emily has continued to ask to swim since we got home. I look forward to our next opportunity to play in the water.

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