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18 Month Checkup

May 1st, 2010 by Mommy

Julia made her 18 month check-up visit to the doctor. Our regular pediatrician was out due to an injury, so we saw a different doctor in our group. She was really kind and good with the girls. My favorite thing from the visit was that she involved Emily to make Julia feel comfortable. Basically all the checks that the doctor did, she did first to Emily and then to Julia. This was especially great given that both girls had a cold.

I was pleased to learn that Julia now weighs 20 lbs. At 18 months and now 20 pounds, she can now sit facing forward in the car. I have no complaints about her in the car, but I think she will really enjoy looking at where we are going. This is a 2-1/2 lbs increase since her last checkup three months ago. As far as weight goes, we are at the 3rd percentile – she is one skinny kid. She is now 30-1/4 inches long and her head and chest both measured 17-3/4 inches. Julia was agreeable for the exam and only was offended when she had to receive three shots at the end.

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