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Julia is 18 Months Old

April 21st, 2010 by Mommy

Our baby girl is growing up before our eyes! She is a walking, discovering, communicating, sister-loving little girl. She brings smiles to all of us, especially Emily. Her six-tooth grin and giggles liven up our house. And her mother never grows tired of watching her little waddle as she moves from thing to thing.

Julia talks to us in lots of ways these days. She has a few words she uses: “wa” – water, “oh” – on or off, “ba-ba” – pacifier, “mama” – mommy, “da-da” – daddy; “mlk” – milk, “shoes”, and “more”. She also signs for please, more, eat, all-done, milk, and bath. We can’t forget the unmistakable nodding of her head yes and no.

It is hard to have a Julia story without the involvment of Emily in it. Emily runs to see Julia in the morning, she fetches her when Mommy needs both girls, she trades toys with Julia (whether Julia wants to or not), Emily shares bites of food with Julia across the high chair tray, Emily shows Julia all sorts of new tricks, and last for this short list she makes her cry and then tells her sorry and by the end of her breath makes Julia laugh. Julia knows to cry, scream, and holler when Emily has wronged her; she is capable of speaking up for herself.

The things that Julia loves: to play hide-n-seek from inside her closet, her blanket, her sister’s pooh bear, to imitate Emily, her bath, to take her hair bows out and chew on them, delivering mommy’s shoes to mommy’s feet, to ride down the slide at the park, sitting for her milk and blanket cuddles, a ladybug book, playing peek-a-book from under blankets, taking her shoes off, and seeing Daddy when he comes home from work.

The things that Julia doesn’t like: baby gates, being separated from Mommy, being forced to eat something once she sees something more desirable, laying still for a diaper change, having her finger nails cut, and being told no.

The most unique thing Julia does is to wave her arms with much exuberance when she is excited about something or someone.

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