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The Kiss Sleep Test

February 4th, 2010 by Mommy

Julia doesn’t fall asleep at the table much, but it is so funny every time and we have to take a photo. This particular evening she was eating slower and slower and I was just about to take her out and see if she wanted to lay down. The next thing I knew was that Emily was telling me Julia had fallen asleep.

All Mamas have their own special tricks and sweet moments with their babies. So many I have forgotten because we moved on from them as the girls have grown and we don’t notice their absence, but tonight I had a sweet reminder of one. Julia doesn’t go to sleep in my arms much now, but as a baby when she would go to sleep in my arms and I would put her down to find out she wasn’t as asleep as I presumed. I would then have to pick her up to try again. I learned a trick to keep this from happening – I would kiss her forehead and if she stirred she was not ready to be┬álaid down and if she remained still then it was safe to put her down. I love all those kisses . . . it worked again tonight like a charm!

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