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Julia 15 Month Checkup

January 15th, 2010 by Mommy

Julia was a little under the weather and was due a re-weigh so we had a visit to the pediatrician. She just had a bad cold, and thankfully it had not turned into anything like the other colds in the house had. As far as her weight, the doctor was pleased that her weight gain had begun again. She gained almost 2 lbs in three months (now 17 lbs 6 oz) and grown to a length of 28 3/4 inches. Her height percentile has remained around 25%. It doesn’t appear that she is going to outgrow Emily and is remaining just a little smaller than Emily at this age. We will wait and see if she is able to pick up steam and surpass her at some point.

Julia will return for another checkup at 18 months to see how she is doing. We are keeping her diet and milk the same for the time being. It is good to see her continue to thrive and explore around her little world.

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