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December 5th, 2009 by Mommy



We woke up to a white world of snow. How exciting! We looked out all of the windows so that we could see as much snow as we could. After breakfast Emily, went out to explore in the quickly melting snow. She couldn’t decided if she wanted to wear her gloves or not. First she touched the snow on the ground and tried to eat it and then discovered that it could be eaten right off the bushes. Julia went out a little later for her snow-time. There wasn’t much snow left. I couldn’t get her to be parted from me so the best I could do was to have her touch the snow from my lap. The experts were calling for snow last night, but they are usually wrong so we were surprised to find it this morning. It is definitely early for us to have a dusting and gave us all a bit of excitement that Christmas is approaching.

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