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Merry Little Girl

December 22nd, 2009 by Mommy


This is Julia’s second Christmas coming up and she is not a baby any more. Her milestones right now are that she has finally gotten her second tooth and she is quickly improving at standing and walking. Her teething hasn’t passed yet so maybe another tooth soon, but the second tooth that came in was a top tooth directly opposite the first tooth. I guess she wanted to be able to crush a cheerio between some teeth and hurried that one out.

Julia has a lot of control in her standing. She can stand up without holding onto furniture if there is something small to push off from. She likes to stand and swing her shoulders back and forth and giggle. She can squat down and stand back up too without much support. I still love to watch her plop down onto her bottom from a standing position, but that trick’s days are numbered. She can take 3-4 steps in a row to get some place, but if she is walking to me as she gets close she just falls toward me knowing that I will catch her. She knows that crawling is more efficient, so if she can’t get someplace by walking along the furniture, she is more likely just to get down on her knees and crawl.

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