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Julia’s Silly Games

December 18th, 2009 by Mommy


Every one plays silly games with themselves and others, but when the games are one year-old games, they are so much fun. Julia has a few of them she plays with us:

  • Pickup – The old traditional game of dumping things on the floor so that someone else will pick it up. We don’t play this long, but I’m enjoying the fact that she understands dimensions and distances. It is almost like playing peek-a-boo with your toys.
  • Peek-a-boo– Julia doesn’t initiate this game much with us, but when we play it with her she just gives a huge smile and giggles the longer we play.
  • Puzzles– Julia loves to take puzzles apart. She bangs the pieces together, she looks at them, and she chews on them. In our number puzzle she always pulls out the 1 and 7 and chews on them. Maybe they will be her lucky numbers. Emily and I put together a lot of puzzles from Julia’s playing with them.
  • Clear the Table or Tray – When Julia is finished eating, she picks up her food and throws it off of her tray. It is like she is cleaning up. She also clears off toys from table tops, couches, ottoman, and end tables. If she can reach it, it is likely to hit the floor. We will have to wait and see if she dislikes clutter later.
  • Stack – Julia likes to try to stack things into towers. She isn’t very good at making the stack big, but enjoys it a lot. I should say the corollary to this is that she likes to knock down the towers too. This is a fact that drives Emily crazy and gets Emily to tell Julia ‘NO Baby’.
  • Fill up – If she can find a container or hollow block she enjoys putting smaller things into them.
  • Pull the books down – She is tall enough when standing to reach our kid books. She enjoys pulling the ones she can reach to the floor. Then she sits down and goes through the pile looking at the books and the things on the different pages
  • Bring you books to read– Lately she has added bringing us books to read to her. She has her favorites – a counting to 10 ladybug book (favorite because of the holes on the pages you can stick your fingers into to turn the pages), a Dora magic wand book, and a Dora Halloween book. Most likely the book she will bring you will be one of these books.
  • Runs when she gets freedom – She doesn’t have much freedom to move around the house so when she gets it she goes for it. I was picking up some things and taking them back to their appropriate rooms. Julia kept crawling around the house at first following me, but it ended up being a game of crawling around the circle in our house over and over again.
  • Play with whatever sister is playing with – Julia’s favorite toy is Emily. Later, she will figure out that she is her playmate, but right now she is just someone to follow around and mimic. She loves to try to play with whatever Emily is playing with. Too cute.
  • Blanket – Julia loves her blankets. This is completely my fault and I love it. Now when I go to get her in the morning she stands at the crib side holding her blanket like she is saying ‘I’m ready Mommy!’. When it is bedtime I just wrap her in her blanket and she physically relaxes. It is like her friend. Blankets make good friends.
  • Naptime dash from the room – Julia likes to go down for a nap or bed awake and go on to sleep by herself. This makes putting her down fast. Some days she doesn’t think she is ready for a nap she will stand up in her bed and look for me, I always try to get out of the room before she can see me. She just seems to settle down faster, if she doesn’t see me. But she is moving faster these days, so I have to move fast to get out of the room, too.

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