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Weekend Away

June 6th, 2009 by Mommy


Robby and I got away for a weekend, with Julia, for our Anniversary. One of our activities was to explore the gardens and house at Cheekwood in Nashville. This is just a photo of our favorite flower in bloom at the Cheekwood! The gardens were enjoyable and it made for a nice activity.

Julia enjoyed her status as an only child for the weekend. She so deserves this as often as we can grant it to her. She was great for us and we appreciated the special time we could have with her. For the first little bit I think she looked for Emily in the car, she has never known life with out her big sister. Emily was in good hands and didn’t miss us too much. I have heard that Grandparents are glad to see their grandkids, but glad that the kids go home with someone else. I discovered that as a parent it is great to take a break away from your kids, but glad that the kids come home with you.

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