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Moving on Up

June 7th, 2009 by Mommy


Every morning Julia and I go in to get Emily up. Each time Emily asks that Julia play in her bed with her. This particular morning I dressed the girls in matching Big/Little Sister shirts and Emily was very curious about the similar word on the shirts. Then she got really sad that Julia had her shirt on. It took a little while, but eventually she was OK with the fact that Julia and she had similar shirts with the word sister on it. I think the confusion came from the fact that Emily calls Julia ‘sister’.

Julia has moved into her big girl bed. We are at night number three in the big girl bed and sharing a room with Emily. Emily is so excited that Julia is in the room with her. She is even willing to be somewhat quiet. Our nightly routine is that Emily goes to bed and then about an hour later we put Julia down asleep. Julia has been going down awake, but I’m not willing to risk that one yet. Tonight when I put Julia down Emily was awake. She was so excited to see me bring Julia in and stayed quiet. My girls are growing up!

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