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Emily Grin

April 27th, 2009 by Mommy


A smile at the camera is such an unusual thing these days. What a joy to have this one!!

I love it when I figure out what Emily recognizes on her own. It is not hard to understand what they are because she is more than happy to shout out when she sees anything that she recognizes. She recognizes our house as demonstrated one day when we drove past it on the way to drop Granddaddy off and she started repeating ‘home, home, home’. She knows the road our house is down too. She points out all of the parks we drive by along with every Papa Johns she sees. One of her favorite foods now days is pizza! When we go to Mother Goose and pull into the parking lot she announces ‘Ma Goose’. And my favorite of late is her pointing out the hair shop where she got her haircut.

Speaking of her haircut, it must have been quite memorable for her. She recently told Robby that he needs a haircut in an effort to go and get a haircut of her own. For her first haircut, we had Robby demonstrate what would happen and how you sit quietly in the barber chair. She must think for her to get her haircut that Robby must get one too. Maybe that is not a bad thing.

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