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Easter Egg Decorating

April 8th, 2009 by Mommy





Easter is on the way and we need a few colored eggs to play with. Despite the mess that can be made with egg dye and the ‘5 and up’ age disclaimer on the box, we colored a dozen eggs last night and had a blast. This is one of the things that you can’t explain to a kid, you just have to do it. Emily was a great sport about having to let the eggs sit for a while in the dye for it to take. She figured out that she could spin the eggs in the water and did that most of the time. We played with the timer, colored eggs with crayons, ran around the table, and colored eggs. I think I will get some more dye after the holiday and do it again just for the fun. Not too bad for a two year old.

When Emily sees things that she recognizes and likes, she will point them out by repeating the word until you recognize her. Egg is one of those words for her. She helped me boil the eggs earlier in the day. She picked the first egg up and immediately tapped it against the edge of the pot, just like Mommy does. She didn’t understand that we were boiling eggs instead of cracking them.

When we are drawing or coloring Emily asks me to draw Mickey Mouse for her. This isn’t too hard given that his head is three circles that intersect. When we were coloring eggs, I wrote our names on the eggs and then Emily asked me to draw Mickey Mouse on one. I tried a bow on top to make it Minnie Mouse instead. When we were done dying the eggs, I looked at my Mouse masterpiece and realized that it looked a lot like a little girl instead of Minnie. It seemed fitting for the girls.

There were cardboard colored pieces included in the kit. The only use I could figure for them was to label the dye bowls so you knew what color each was. I didn’t really think that we needed the labels, they were pretty easy to tell apart. Not to mention that Emily insisted on mixing the colors together as we played. The cardboard color pieces were¬†very interesting to Emily. She carried them around, organized them, picked the up and put them back down over and over again. That was more interesting to her than coloring on the eggs with crayons. Go figure – the two year old strikes again.

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