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6 Months Old

April 21st, 2009 by Mommy


Julia has reached her 6th month milestone! I know that everyone says it, but time sure goes fast when watching kids. Julia has grown so much faster than Emily seemed to. One sad event that is associated with growing so fast is that Julia is growing out of her clothes. It is so sad to sort the small clothes out of her drawers and say good-bye to them.

Julia is expressing herself more these days and seeming more like a little girl than a baby. She lights up with smiles when she sees Robby. She recognizes him and it makes her so happy. She also smiles when her toys move toward her and tonight when I sat down with a book to read her, her eyes just lit up. Now I wish that I could be impressed with her love of reading or hearing my voice, but she promptly reached for the book and tried to put it in her mouth. The book was about the Gingerbread Man, so instead of running away from all the characters he seemed to be running away from Julia’s gums.

She is moving with purpose now to get toys, grab fingers to chew, to kick her blanket off her feet. She loves to pick her feet up and lift them as high as she can reach and them pound them back down on the mattress over and over again in the morning. It is like her exercise routine. Another trick she seems to have mastered is passing things from hand to hand. I watched her take her pacifier from her left hand and pass it to her right hand and then use her free left hand to reach for something else.

This next month is going to bring even bigger changes for Julia. She will be starting solid food soon and we will be moving her into her room with Emily soon. I have been a little up-in-the-air about the details, but we will be learning what does and doesn’t work soon. The move is going to be necessary because she is just outgrowing her cradle. Then next thing I know we will be celebrating her birthday. Thank goodness for journaling and photo taking so that I can remember all of these wonderful things.

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