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Traveling with Emily

March 13th, 2009 by Mommy


Emily traveled really well on our trip. She was happy playing with her toys and books in the car. She was completely potty trained for the ride there and back. She took at least one nap and fell asleep after the sun went down each way. The only car issues we had with her was her desire to steal blankets and toys from Julia. Luckily at this point Julia doesn’t seem to care. Emily asked to hear her favorite song, Banana Phone (thanks Elena and Ashley for the introduction), a bizillion times. She didn’t get to hear it every time she asked for it, but we did indulge her a lot if she was willing to say please. I think the best part of the trip for Emily was that everytime she arrived someplace there was new to her toys to play with, fun people to play with, and some cousins to play with.

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