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Pumpkin Patch

October 6th, 2008 by Mommy

(20 months) One of the other moms at church put together a field trip for the toddlers at church to explore a pumpkin patch. It turned out that 5 little girls went. Emily had a blast playing out in the beautiful day with the other little girls. Our first stop was to feed some goats and one sheep. Emily was a little unsure of herself and only once offered her hand with food to a goat. Most of the time she was quite satisfied with handing the food to Mommy to feed to the goat or just tossing it into the pen for the goats. The next stop was at the pumpkin patch to pick our prize pumpkin. Emily really just enjoyed walking in the patch and looking around. Once she had crossed the patch she just wanted to keep going, I had to bring her back so that we could make our selection. I made sure to pick a really small one so that she would be able to carry it all by herself. The next stop was at the farmer’s corn maze. We let the ‘big’ little girls pick the path with a few suggestions from the mommies to help us have success. The girls had fun wondering around the maze. The last stop was back at their shop where they all enjoyed cool apple ciders and got coloring books. The whole event was a huge success and all of the girls had a good time!

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