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Corn Maze

October 19th, 2008 by Mommy

(21 months) We celebrated Fall with a trip to the Corn Maze with Emily. We had a beautiful, sunny, and cool Saturday and took advantage of the day to play a little. We took Grandma and Grandpa with us for the day. The maze is broken into two sections and they told us that kids have an easier time on the longer section because the paths are straighter. Daddy took the lead and read the map so that we wouldn’t get lost. Emily took up the second position and liked to follow Daddy. Sometimes Emily decided that we should go a different way and Daddy would just find us the path with Emily’s detour. By the time we finished Emily had walked almost 3 miles by herself. We were amazed that she walked that far. Emily’s favorite part of the maze was the overlook and the stairs to get up to it. She cried when we had to leave that area.

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