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38 Week Checkup

October 9th, 2008 by Mommy

Today was our 38 week checkup for the baby. Everything still looks good. The doctor’s estimation of the weight of the baby today is 6 lbs. It appears that she is on the same track as Emily in size. Because I will not be able to see my doctor next week for my visit, we went ahead and discussed having an induction. While I want to wait for the baby to come on her own, it is wise to plan ahead. We have an induction scheduled for October 21st as a backup plan in case the baby doesn’t come ‘on-time’. We are trusting God to work out all the little details surrounding taking care of the baby and Emily. He does such a good job whether or not I am practicing my trust in Him to provide. It just seems that God was with us today to work out some simple details of our day and it is a good reminder of His sufficient provision.

We had a surprise today when we went to our appointment. Granddaddy came to the appointment with us to watch Emily in the waiting room. When we arrived we found our friend Ashley in the waiting room. She was having a test and had to wait for a while in the waiting room. She hung out with Granddaddy and Emily while they waited for Mommy’s appointment. We are so grateful for the people that God has put in Emily’s life that love her. Today was just another reminder of that! It will be such a joy to see God do the same for the new baby.

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