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The Baby Dropped

September 7th, 2008 by Mommy

(33 weeks) With this weeks checkup Mommy got the word that the baby has dropped and has her head in the birth canal and set for delivery. I asked if there was any chance that she would turn and the doctor said that she wouldn’t move out of that position now. I now know that all movement around my bellybutton is her feet kicking me. We are still 6 weeks yet to go in this pregnancy which seems like a long time to spend in this position. It is a good thing that being upside down is not a problem for babies. I can definitely feel a difference in this position and am having more trouble bending and picking up objects (including Emily). I should be watching what I am doing anyway and this is just a good reminder to do so. I know that in a week or so, I will be adjusted to the minor discomfort that this change has brought, but until then my evenings have become very unproductive with a tired back.

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