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Daddy and his Big Girl

September 11th, 2008 by Mommy

Emily loves her Daddy! She will roam the house while he is at work and if she wants him she just starts yelling out “DA”. I’ll tell her that he is at work and will be home later. This week when she did this I called him on the phone and let her talk to her Daddy on the phone. She sat on the couch, held up the phone up to her ear, and just jabbered to him. After a few minutes she slowed down and I told her to tell Daddy goodbye and give Mommy the phone. She told him “bye-bye” and gave me the phone.

We have been making some home improvements in expectation of our next little one. On Saturday, Emily went to play at Grammy’s house so that we could get some concentrated work done. Robby said goodbye to Emily on the back porch when we left. When I brought her back she looked up at the porch to see her Daddy. When she didn’t see him she called out to him by calling out “DA”. She put her two hands on either side of mouth to amplify herself and called a few times. He didn’t hear her, but we walked around to the open window where he was working and she saw him inside. She got so excited and called out again. He came to the front porch and met her as we came in.

It is such a joy to watch her excitement and expression of love for her Daddy. I pray that she will always have such unabashed love for her father and will be willing to show it. I also pray that my heart will call out to my Heavenly Father with the same excitement and love as Emily is demonstrating.

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