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Blueberry Picking

July 19th, 2008 by Mommy

(18 months) Emily had her first blueberry picking experience. I put her down to walk around among the blueberry bushes, and she was fascinated immediately. She wandered around visiting the other pickers while I picked for a little while, and then she noticed what I was doing. She was amazed to find those tasty blueberries on the bushes and even on the ground. After a while she discovered that I was putting blueberries in my bucket and wanted to carry my bucket around. I was worried that she would dump all of my hard work on the ground, but she never did. She did, however, like to put the bucket about three feet away from me at all times so I had to take handfuls of blueberries to the bucket. She made friends with a little boy who was enjoying feeding blueberries to Emily. It made for a very fun day!

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