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Mommy and Emily Went on a Trip

April 1st, 2008 by Daddy

My mother, aunt and brother are camping in Georgia this week, so Mommy planned a short trip to see them. Emily really enjoyed her day visiting with them.

Emily on Grandma's Lap

Grandma was surprised when Mommy and Emily showed up at the campsite.

Look at My Treasures

Emily likes to collect things. We call them “her treasures”.

Emily Goes for a Ride

My aunt gives Emily a ride on her shoulders.

The Big Girl in Her Big Pink Chair

What a big girl she is!

That's One Happy Girl

That’s one happy girl!

Grandma Plays with Emily

Grandma plays with Emily.

Emily with Her Uncle

Emily with her uncle.


Emily is walking around by herself well now. In the last few months, she has become very confident.

Emily and Her Merry Crew

Emily and her merry crew.

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