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My First Toy

March 17th, 2007 by Mommy

Emily has discovered her first toy. In pity one night for both her sake and the sake of her parents we introduced the ‘pacifier’ to Emily. The pacifier worked brilliantly to bring instant relief to a very agitated baby. Since then we have used the pacifier to satisfy fussiness and to ease her into the sleeping world.

One day we discovered that she had spit the pacifier out of her mouth and it landed on her chest just in front of her mouth. With the top lip and tongue she sucked the pacifier back into her mouth. Sometimes she is satisfied with just licking it, but if in the attempt to get it in her mouth she knocks it away she demands assistance to get her toy back. We can spend hours sitting next to her with her playing this game. Mommy is hoping that one day Emily will play this game when we have a video camera around!

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