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Magic Backpacks

May 29th, 2015 by Mommy

When we bought the girls’ backpacks, we purchased a magic version. With every 10 months of school they shrink. Here is the proof of how it works.

August 2014 –

bigbackpack   embackpack




May 2015 – See the girls are not hiding as well behind each backpack because they shrank. Washing, rain, and dirt have no effect and can not stop the process.



If you are interested in buying your own version of this backpack, just let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

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Last Day of School – 2015

May 29th, 2015 by Mommy


The end of school is finally here … is it really here? The girls have had a great year and will actually miss school over the summer. They love interacting with their classmates most, but they do love to learn.


Emily has loved her teacher. Ms Racey has things organized in her class with cute and clever labels. This fits well with Emily’s personality. While she wants order, she allows Emily to express her opinions and is patient to listen to Emily’s stories. Emily always has something to say in class. The class reads a book together after lunch. When Emily figured out we had a copy of one of the books at home, she had to read ahead.


Several students and friends in her class have moved away during the year and this has been a sad thing. Change is a hard thing. Emily has continued to be my rule follower. The fact that not everyone follows the rules still bothers her. If she could police it and change the world (or at least her class) she would.

Emily's Class

Julia has enjoyed her teacher and class. She is also a rule follower in class. During the first few months of school, all she would talk about after school was who got in trouble in class. She was a world class people watcher. Figuring it all out was important to her. It was so important that she had trouble staying focused on her tasks, although this improved throughout the year. She made several friends in her class. Mama wishes she could be a fly on the wall in the class sometime to see how Julia interacts in class. When she is in the hall she is quiet and always in line.


Ms Brinkman sends home lots of crafts that they have done in class. Julia loves to put lots of detail into her work. As the year has gone on we have seen Julia start to get the idea of reading. It has been fun to watch. She will continue to read with Grammy to speed up her reading and retention. She had spent most of the year behind in her reading, but as school finishes up she is reading at grade level.


We could not be more proud of the citizens that the girls are in their classes. We are pleased with their love of learning. Humbled by Emily’s passion for reading. Joyful at Julia’s new experiences. Thankful for the friendship and mentoring that occurred this year. Pleased that Mama got to spend so much time in Emily’s class and got to know the kids. And grateful that we are on this journey with the girls!


Now, lets have some fun and play for the whole summer!


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End of the School Year Party – 2015

May 27th, 2015 by Mommy

This year we celebrated the end of school with a party for both of the girls’ classes and friends. We met at the park and played with friends and classmates who joined us. There were toys available to play with and fruit and cookies snacks. The weather was sunny and clear and we enjoyed our afternoon of play! It was so much fun we will try to do this every year.


My blue eyed almost 3rd grader.


Blue shirts were the color of the day. You would think the girls had phone calls to arrange it, but they are so good they didn’t need to.


These two both have mischievous streaks, bet you could not guess.


A swing that is big enough for two.


Snacks on the snack table, toys in the background.


Tire swinging 2nd graders.


Tire swinging kinderkids.

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Julia’s First Kindergarten Day

August 12th, 2014 by Mommy


How this little girls has grown! Today was her first day of Kindergarten! She has been pretty excited all summer. Last night she had trouble falling asleep because of excitement.


The backpack sure looks big, but from previous experience it will shrink during the year.


Daddy walked Julia to class this morning. We asked Emily if she wanted to join Julia and she wanted to. When we got to the class Julia was bold and answered the questions asked of her and didn’t try to hide behind anyone. She is ready for her new adventure.


Julia with her teacher!

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End of School Year

June 4th, 2013 by Mommy


The school year is over and the little girl we sent to school so many months ago is now an accomplished kindergartener. We have enjoyed talking to her about the first days of school and all the things she learned this year. We are thankful for the experiences she has had this year. She was blessed with a teacher that Emily loved and who seemed able to find ways to get Emily to perform for her. Emily made friends in her class and enjoyed the class mix with only few exceptions.

We look forward to the adventures this summer will bring us and trying to keep her mind active. A new school year does not seem as overwhelming as sending her to kindergarten was. Perhaps we all have grown this past year.


Maybe our hair is a bit longer . . . but the head cocking, lip chewing, and outgoingly shy girl is still there.


One of Mama’s favorite sights from the school year. The slow walking Emily turning and giving Mama a kiss as she goes into school. Some days it was a wave, a kiss, the sign I Love You, or just a thoughtful look.


Julia loved to accompany Emily to the school building whenever she could. It was the way she could relate to Emily’s school experience. On the last day she insisted that Emily take her doll in for sharing time.


School is OUT – She is an official 1st Grader


To celebrate in style we shared some ice cream at a local soda shop. The girls loved sitting at the counter. The lady making Emily’s milkshake was certain that the girls would share the milkshake. We didn’t share and Emily drank the whole thing!

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The First Day!

August 14th, 2012 by Mommy


This day finally came!

Emily picked out her clothes the night before, ate a good breakfast, consented to a few photos, packed up our family in the car, drove the mile and half, and made the journey into her new stage of life.

Emily was a little apprehensive about the unknowns of the day, but also excited about school. She was literally jumping with excitement before we left the house this morning. When we got to school she marched down the hall with her Daddy like she knew what she was doing. Emily patiently waited her turn in line to turn in her school supplies and meet the teacher. She seemed pleased with the attention and then enjoyed her practice exercises while she waited for the class to start. We asked her to give us hugs and tell us goodbye and then she happily went back to work on her desk assignment.

When it was time for pickup, she seemed to have a bit of a deer-in-headlights look until she found her Mama in the right car. Once the "helper" was getting her in the car she was exuberant to tell Mama that "School is Great!". She wasn’t a fountain of stories on the way home, but she continued to tell little things that has given a window into her day. She loved hearing stories and going to lunch. No playground today because of the rain though. She is definitely looking forward to going back on Friday.

When we dropped off Emily in her class we took the whole family. It seemed like a good idea for Julia to know where Emily would be during the day. When we left the classroom to walk down the hallway Julia told us, "I want my sister!". She did get settled and she had her own excitement for the day that distracted her. It was pretty sweet to see how much she enjoys being with her sister.


Emily’s new homework desk ready for when she has some.


Our Big Girl!


Check out her BIG flowery backpack. Maybe we will remember to get a photo like this around the end of the year to see how much smaller the backpack looks as she grows.


Our photos had to be taken inside today due to a rainstorm.


Her favorite Kitty lunchbox accompanied her to school today.


Her first school lunch, she told me that she finished it just in time. It seems lunch ended just after her last bite. Emily can be quite a talker at lunch instead of focusing on eating.


Emily walking down the hall to the Kindergarten wing. She wanted to do it on her own and didn’t want to take Daddy’s hand. Our independent girl!


I’m sure this will not be Emily’s assigned seat, but it was for the first day with her first coloring and writing activity. She was pleased as punch.


Emily with her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Pendergrass

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