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Funny Stuff

July 23rd, 2010 by Mommy

How does play and naptime mix? Well on this day, it was a princess nap. After she fell asleep in the carseat her crown fell over her eyes. I couldn’t let this one pass me up.

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New View on Life

May 6th, 2010 by Mommy

Julia has a new view on life – a forward facing one. We spent some time at the car wash/vacuum cleaning the car, playing, and turning her carseat around. The time has gone fast, but I’m not too sad about this change. She was so pleased with the new direction of her seat and the car feels so much bigger with the seat in it’s new position. She liked it enough to fall asleep in the seat as we drove home.

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Emily Nicknames

November 2nd, 2008 by Mommy

Emily loves to play with the things that have come out of storage for Julia. She likes to put her teddy bear in Julia’s car seat and latch the seatbelt. This day she decided that she should go in the seat herself. I couldn’t pass up the photo.

Thanks to a Hardees’s commercial we have Emily’s newest nickname. We were shocked at how big Emily was when we got home from the hospital with Julia. So now we are calling Emily ‘Gigantor’ (the nickname the Hardees’s ‘little thick burger’ gives the Hardees’s ‘thick burger’). We will see how long it lasts.

We used to call Emily ‘little bit’, but now we have a ‘littler bit’ so we have started calling Emily ‘big bit’. Our short nickname version of Emily is ‘Emmy’ and ‘M’s’.

All of the other nicknames for Emily are the usual ‘baby girl’, ‘big girl’, ‘honey’ and ‘sweetie’. I’m sure that these will also change a little as we get used to having two at home. At the moment I’m working hard to not call Julia by Emily’s name. It is pretty hard given that Julia looks so much like Emily did at this age. Perhaps I need to admit that I am going to do the usual parent thing of calling my children by the wrong names.

Disclaimer: In no way is this post in support of Hardees’s or in approval of Hardees’s commercials.

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Emily’s Lounge Chair

May 21st, 2007 by Mommy

(3 months) Emily’s car seat has a fabric foot cover that stretches across the bottom of the car seat. She has taken to kicking her feet to rest on the top of the cover. This way she has foot freedom! I have decided that this new trick has transformed her car seat into a recliner (maybe even a LazyGirl recliner).

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