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The Birthday Girl

January 16th, 2014 by Mommy


To say that Emily was excited about her birthday would be an understatement. She counted down to the day, picked where we would go and eat, gave her suggestions for gifts, picked her cake design, and put up with her mama’s teasing about not getting gifts. Mama and Julia joined her for a birthday lunch at school. We shared tiny ice cream cones with her class.


She requested a pink butterfly cake. Emily was delighted with the outcome and assisted with the decorating. 

blow it out

Making her wish.


Julia was excited about Emily’s birthday. One morning on the way to school Mama teased Emily that when you turn a birthday with a seven in it you don’t get gifts that year. It was quite the discussion. Emily didn’t believe it, but she put her heart into the reasons that included gifts in the birthday. Interesting enough Julia never joined in the conversation. She and Mama were about to go and buy her gift for Emily after dropping Emily off, so she knew information to the contrary of what Mama was saying. She is learning a teasing side to life also. After dropping Emily off at school Julia had several comments that she had saved and shared with Mama.


Emily was right, there were gifts! What a fun day we had with all that we did. We love you big girl!

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7 Years of Wonder

January 14th, 2014 by Mommy


We wondered what gift God was going to give us, we wondered about what kind of parents we would be, we wondered if we were making good choices, we wondered who her friends would be, we wondered what personality she would develop, we wondered if she would use long words like her Daddy, we wondered if she would order her toys like her Mama, we wondered . . .

We still have a list of things we wonder about, but we also marvel at the great gift God has given us. Happy Birthday to our WONDERful big 7-year-old!

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Happy New Year

January 1st, 2014 by Mommy


It was a good year! Looking forward to the memorable and everyday moments of 2014.

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