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July 31st, 2010 by Mommy

Photos take a lot of different forms at our house. Other than the blog I am trying to keep up-to-date scrapbooks with the things we do with the girls. While I’m about a year behind, I have made some significant ground in the last two weeks. Other projects demand that I put this project up for a little while. This is something I do when the kids are sleeping, so Emily started asking every morning what new pictures did I have to show her. Before I put the girls books away I snapped a photo of the albums. The top two albums represent my hard work of the last two weeks, but the stack has the collection of my girls lives. I loved showing the books to the girls and telling them about the things we have done. I might need a new shelf soon.

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Hanging with Mommy

June 23rd, 2009 by Mommy


For months, I have been taking some time to get away with Julia and get some scrapbooking done. This has been good because I haven’t done any scrapbooking at home since Julia came. Last month, someone asked me if I had taken a photo of Julia at scrapbooking, and I realized that I hadn’t.  So, this month I took the camera. Julia was a really good sport about the amount of time we spent working and was pretty content to alternate between sitting in her bouncy seat and having floor time. She will be getting pretty active soon and my ability to bring her with me will end. But while it lasts I’m enjoying spending time with her and the other ladies are enjoying her company too.

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