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Spring Break

March 18th, 2013 by Mommy

We officially celebrated our own spring break this year instead of tagging along with someone else’s break. It was nice to celebrate several spring breaks with different people when we didn’t have school constraints on us, but alas those days are over. We did a local activity everyday of the break and Mama enjoyed just spending time with her girls.

Playdate with friends! – We enjoyed playing with someone else’s toys for a morning and having lunch. The kids are getting old enough that they really play on their own. The littlest is having to learn to voice her opinion and keep up with the bigger kids. They are working it out for sure.


They have formed a band. Watch out! For a concert just contact their booking agent.


This might need to become a career option. It appears she has the personality to go with the instrument.

Swim Time – No photos from this event because Mama forgot the camera in the car. We swam in the heated indoor pool and loved it. We didn’t have to share the pool with anyone else and had a lifeguard to keep an eye on us. Emily enjoyed showing off some tricks for the lifeguard including sit diving. Emily figured out how to swim under Mama’s legs in the pool. Julia enjoyed freedom in the pool and being able to walk fairly deep into the pool. She would would play right at the point that it became too deep to keep her head above water and would bounce between the sides. It sure kept the lifeguard busy until he figured out that she was doing it on purpose and could get herself out of trouble.

Playdate at Grammy’s – Grammy watched the girls for a morning and Mama brought lunch back for everyone to enjoy. The girls were supposed to take care of Grammy while they were there, but they forgot their purpose once they got playing. They are only six and four though. We finished out the day with dress-up playtime. Always a good day when the princess dresses can come out.


Photo Day and Consignment Shopping – Emily had not gotten her six year old photo taken yet so we knocked that one off the list one morning and then hung out at a consignment sale and the mall until they were collapsing and ready for a nap.


Playdate at the Children’s Museum – We met friends at the Children’s Museum for some enjoyable playtime. The only thing that would have made the day better was if Daddy had been able to join us. The kids did all their favorite things!


A stack of good friends and giggles


Really it was a beach vacation. Getting four kids to look in one direction is still tough even though they are now older.


The puppet performance of the Ladybug and fish.

First Friend Sleepover – Our friends invited the girls over for a sleepover and then we met them at church the next morning. All four girls had a blast and they did get some sleep. They went to sleep around 10 and were up by 6 the next morning. That wake-up time might just be Julia’s fault. They just enjoyed playing with each other and toys. They are ready for the next sleepover, I guess it will be at our house.


One of the best photos ever! These are the moments that really define childhood.

Sunday Afternoon Church Picnic – This activity just happened to fall during our spring break and worked out for a fun time to spend with friends. Some out-of-town friends came in to visit and everyone converged on a park to enjoy fellowship and a little catching up. All the girls church friends were able to make it and they all enjoyed a sunny time at the park. Of course our girls were the best dressed girls at the park, but despite being told what we were doing they wanted to dress in their finest for church. It didn’t seem to slow them down.


Really not sure if they ware playing get the ball or get the Jeremy. Way to go Dads for keeping all the kids running on the field!

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More After School Playtimes

October 28th, 2012 by Mommy


There is nothing sweeter than kids getting along and playing together. Julia really misses Emily during the day, so there is no better time to start playing than right after Emily gets home. They were coloring some princesses and giving opinions of what would look best.

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Painting Together

October 17th, 2012 by Mommy

On Wednesday, Emily comes home early from school. This allows for a short nap for her and a joint craft or activity with Emily and Julia. This particular day they agreed to paint. They have Disney on the brain, not sure why that is, and picked out a Mickey and Minnie window art to paint. They had a blast! Just fun to remember.



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Gem Play

March 17th, 2011 by Mommy

The girls had an activity that had them add sticker gems to a tiara. After playing with the tiara for a while they discovered they could pull the sticker gems back off the tiara and decorate other things. After having decorated a mailbox and bowls they discovered themselves. I found the girls working together to decorate Julia. Emily had a gentle hold of Julia’s hand as she placed a gem bracelet on her. They had already made a line up on of Julia’s arms and a ring on her ring finger. They were playing so quietly and sweetly. I was amazed at how still Julia sat for Emily to decorate her.




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Dancing Like A Butterfly

March 16th, 2011 by Mommy

The girls invited me to a concert and this was the performance. The little one was excellent as a drummer and the large one had lots of confidence. The original song is from an episode of Angelia Ballerina that Emily likes, but hasn’t watched in a while. I think her word memory is a lot better than mine. I loved the impromptu concert!

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Princess Cupcake Party

September 11th, 2010 by Mommy

The girls enjoyed a princess cupcake party. We celebrated the joy of eating cupcakes and dressing up as princesses. The girls were really excited to play and eat their cupcakes. What could be better than cupcakes with pink icing. Our current lesson is that playing princess is fun, but what makes a princess is someone who is kind and good.

Thanks Ashley for the idea!

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