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Things I Love

April 15th, 2011 by Mommy


Some days things happen that are unplanned and wonderful. Yesterday was a beautiful day and we were drawn to the front porch with a few crackers and coloring books. The girls just stretched out on the porch and colored to their hearts content. Julia found her arms and legs to be a great canvas too. At one point Julia was laying on her tummy with her feet up in the air and ankles crossed, but that sweet pose was gone by the time I got the camera and came back. They spent almost two hours on one activity because it was so satisfying in the sunshine. These are some of the things I love!

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Puddle Jumping

March 27th, 2009 by Mommy


Emily and I went out to play before it got dark on our rainy evening. We hadn’t gotten to spend much time together one-on-one today and I thought a little play time outside in the drizzle was in order. Emily fetched her favorite toys to carry around while we are outside, the kid rake and hose nozzle. Then she got busy looking for puddles. This one is right by our front porch. She was a careful puddle jumper, actually no jumping happened, as she held on to the railing next to the steps for additional support. The stuff which looks like snow in our yard is really Bradford Pear petals that have covered our yard. It is like snow with out the cold weather. By the time we came back inside we had walked around our yard and found more puddles, picked some flowers, and helped Mommy with two chores. We had a great time getting damp, muddy, and spending time together.

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