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Annual Barn Dance

May 3rd, 2009 by Mommy

We borrowed Elena’s really cool purple hat! Thanks Elena for sharing!

Julia is hanging out with Daddy!

Our side of the square had an extra dancer.


We had our annual church Barn Dance and Chili Cook-off. Last year Emily loved dancing and didn’t want to quit even when Mommy’s arms were tired. This year she liked the dancing, but was far more interested in playing outside with theĀ other kids and toys. Julia had a blast riding around in the front pack. She did some dancing with Mommy while Daddy and Emily played. Emily could have chased bubbles for the whole evening if she had been allowed to. The only sad note from the evening was that we didn’t get any photos of Emily and Daddy dancing to the hokey pokey. They had a blast even though Emily didn’t quite get the idea of sticking individual body parts in and out of the circle. Her favorite was the whole body and hopping in and out of the circle.

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November 3rd, 2008 by Mommy

We are trying to get Emily out and about as she adjusts to Julia, and we adjust to having two kids. We took her to our church’s annual hayride at an elder’s farm last Saturday. We didn’t want to stay too long with Julia and the cool evening. While we were there we were able to eat dinner, play hide and seek with Daddy, see three horses and one chicken, sit in a tractor, and show off our new sister. Emily’s favorite was the tractor!

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Barn Dance Girl

April 12th, 2008 by Mommy

This girl loves her chili, it's all over her grin!
Chili Grins abound!

Heather and Johnny with Emily

(15 months) Our church has an annual chili cook-off and barn dance at the barn of one of our church members. This year Emily and Mommy went to the event with Heather and Johnny. Emily enjoyed all of her yummy chili bites which it appears that she wore for the whole evening. She also got to accompany Mommy for half of the dancing until Mommy’s arm just gave out. Chili, barns, and dancing are fun!

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