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A Busy And Full Day

December 19th, 2012 by Mommy

Christmas break is in full force for Emily and her Mama is trying to enjoy her as much as possible before school resumes. To enjoy a beautiful sunny December day we planned a day to visit the zoo, see Santa, run errands, make a holiday craft, buy Mama a sweater, drive through a light show, eat dinner out, and visit with kid friends for most of it. At the end of the evening two tired girls were carried in from the car and put directly in bed. Tomorrow has been declared a PJ day with lots of Christmas story reading.

The ZOO!

EandA zoojuwithdog ZooEandE zooEandAandN ZooEandAandE ZooJudriving

So much fun just hanging out playing with our friends. The weather was beautiful and sunny. We might have encouraged a kid to skip a little school today to join us. Julia’s top animal choice for the day was the beaver (who was awake and playing today) and Emily’s top animal choice for the day were the bats.


We have called the combo of Julia and Maeve by the title of “the littles” for 4 years now, but it seems like maybe this pair will take the title over.



Emily loves to talk to Santa and will do so every time she gets a chance. Julia passed up the opportunity to speak with this Santa. She told Mama that “maybe next year I would like to”.

Holiday Craft!


Making a fun Santa ornament. Thank goodness Ms. Ashley was around to help Mama. There was some tight threading and small knots to tie that she seems to be better at. 😉


Julia loved it, obviously. She is just too cute when excited. Check out little Thea in the background.


The girls loved driving the racecar around the track and trying to stop and start it exactly on the start/finish line. Kids are fun.


ebear eelkjbear mbearemoose Jbear2

The zoo carousel was closed today (much disappointment) and then we found this one later in the day to ride. I think the wild bear, moose, and elk make for a fun ride.

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December 30th, 2011 by Mommy


We went to see Santa as a surprise activity after church one Sunday. It was a sunny and warm day. We had to stand in line for about 30 minutes to see Santa at a local nursery. They had reindeer to see and the girls enjoyed wandering among the trees too. Santa was visiting in his sleigh. We asked Julia if she wanted to sit with Santa and she said “no”. She was willing to sit next to him if she sat with Mama though. Both girls took turns talking to Santa. Emily went first and was willing to talk his hear off. Julia told Santa several things she was interested in too.

They enjoyed themselves a lot. We do need to make a repeat visit to see him because Emily wanted to refine what she wants.

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Emily finds Santa

October 24th, 2011 by Mommy


We were checking out a new local market in town, it is October, and Emily finds Santa. There wasn’t a sleigh, there wasn’t a red suit, or a reindeer in sight. Forgive the backlit photo, but I didn’t want to miss the moment in an effort to pose a photo. This gentleman was sitting in a booth talking with a woman and Emily announced that he was Santa. I asked her how she knew he was Santa and she couldn’t really tell me, but she knew it was Santa. He got up and came out to talk to her. Sure enough it was Santa. I guess Santa sports a Santa apron when not in the red suit. They talked for a while and Emily put in her request for her stocking this year. She was so excited about seeing him that she visited him several times while we were there; fascinated with talking to him. Fun memories to remember!

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