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Pumpkin Patch

December 1st, 2011 by Mommy


Our annual fall trip to the pumpkin patch had to be moved once so that we could have a beautiful warm fall day. We enjoyed the sunshine, friends, maze, tractor ride, pumpkin picking, goat feeding, and a picnic. We love this playdate!


There were no photos of all of the kids looking at the camera so I picked one with no one looking at it. Why fight kid-nature.


Aiden enjoying the gravel.


Maeve and Lincoln being sweet together.


Elena having fun among the cornstalks.


Emily bringing in her pumpkin. I wonder if she gets that tongue thing from her Mama?


Emily collected flowers from everywhere we went at the pumpkin patch and made herself a flower bouquet. I think she was pretending that she was a bride and that was her wedding bouquet.


An excited Julia!


Julia kept picking flowers and smelling them and then offering it to Mama to smell too.


Julia was proud of her pumpkin.


Kenzie and Heather picking out a pumpkin together.


Maeve feeding the goat.


Natalie found a rock in the pumpkin patch. She was headed over to meet the goats.


Baby Rose hanging out in the sunshine.

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Summertime Picking

July 2nd, 2011 by Mommy

We joined our friends for some fun blueberry and blackberry picking. It was a sunny fun way to spend the afternoon with picking and a picnic. We picked blueberries first. The kids were fun to watch together. Some picked and filled their buckets, some picked and ate, some picked rocks and filled buckets, some watched after the babies, some ran and played games in the field, and some ventured around the bushes like a maze. Poor Julia had a rought time with a busted lip, the second of the week.

Then we went up to the blackberry rows to pick. I love to see how the kids gravitate to play with each other and which Mama they end up with. Ms. Sara was the hit with my girls, then Ms. Ashley, and only last did they come to the row with their own Mama. The girls did a pretty good job of picking the darkest of the blackberries. Emily pointed out a red & black one and told me that it was not sweet. I think she learned this by experience.

We have a little goat story to go with our blackberry picking. We picked next to a pen of goats. When we were almost done we noticed that one of the goats had gotten out of the pen and was grazing on the blackberries. As we finished up and started to walk out he moved over two rows to share our row. Emily was very curious about him. When we weren’t watching our buckets closely enough he ventured over and ate out of Ms. Ariaun’s bucket. She fought him for it and won. It reminded me of the little black bear eatting out of Little Sal’s mother’s blueberry bucket in “Blueberries for Sal” by Robert McCloskey.

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