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Arches National Park

September 29th, 2015 by Mommy


Arches National Park is one of our favorite places to visit. While this park wasn’t on our volcanic event list, we drove right past it. How could we not stop for a quick visit? We took a few hours off the road to stretch our legs and show the girls another American wonder. We took two short hikes. One involved Emily and Mama doing some climbing to get up into a window. Climbing to Double Arch was one of Emily’s favorite things. It allowed her to explore and complete a challenge. Together, the four of us took another hike to Turret Arch, North and South Windows. We look forward to returning and doing a lot more hiking and exploring. This stop was our last official stop of the trip. There were still a lot of hours to get home, but we had seen a lot. We are grateful for the wonderful things we could introduce the girls to and to discover their favorite things from this trip.


All the girls on our hike together.


This was the arch that Emily climbed up and into.


The climb gave us a great view!


Sometimes a nap is necessary to enjoy an adventure more.


Hiking a bit more.


Visitor centers have cool things to check out (and pose on)!


Perspective on the scale of the arches.

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September 7th, 2008 by Mommy

We knew it would happen we just didn’t know when. Today Emily told Mommy that she was hungry and ready for dinner by taking Mommy’s finger and leading her to the kitchen. While I was fixing dinner we were busy and not watching Emily as well as we usually do. Then it happened . . . I turned to look for her and I saw her climbing up her high chair. She was standing on the foot-rest holding onto the small fixed tray and about to climb into the chair. She had climbed up a piece of furniture. Normally the only indication of climbing comes with her trying to take a shortcut to a toy by getting off of furniture incorrectly, but that isn’t what she did today. She was just ready for dinner and she was trying to help us get it to her faster. Mommy is going to have to keep both eyes on her as much as she can.

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